Beautiful Wedding Rings

One of the most rememberable shots, but unfortunately often neglegted is that of your wedding rings!

These are the lifetime token of your love for each other and symbolised as the never ending cirlcle. Here is a selection of recent shots of Wedding rings showing different styles and techniques. If your not sure of what you want, i'm always happy to discuss different things which are important to you, or have a subtle theme that maybe only you and your loved one will get.


This image is a beautifully traditional shot of wedding rings. I shot this one the day before whist at the Bride & Grooms house discussing final preparations.The Rings are set a small diamond encrusted cushion which served on the day at the flowers girls ring presenter.

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography


I love this shot. This was taken outside the brides house during a break (one I gave the Bride and bridesmaids) during the Getting Ready shots. It was a glorious summers day, and these flowers were in full bloom ing the Brides parents garden, they just summed up the beauty of the day, the freshness of summer, the colour all around...and of course the blooming bride.

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

Wedding Colours

This shot was taken using the Brides bouquet. The bride has spent a lot of time and effort (not forgetting money) into the flowers arrangements. They flowers used were all representative to times and people in her life, and so knowing this snoop off to take this shot with out her can Imagine her sheer delight when she saw this shot for the first time.

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography


This shot was taken at a military wedding in Plymouth. The Groom was a serving officer in the Royal Navy, he and the Best man, and ushers all wore uniform and made for a spectacular day. The rings were set on a Royal Navy penny for the ring bearer, and so was the obvious shot for these beautiful rings.

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography


This Comtemporay artistic shot of the couples wedding rings was shot during the morning of the wedding using natural light and a stunning crystal encrusted mirror (i borrowed) The Natural light from a window picks out the inscription on the inside of the rings beautifully, and creates a talking point for the Wedding Album.

Photo Credit Stuart Brampton Photography

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Thanks for reading, Stu.

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